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by May 19, 2020

Support Runarcana, your help is very important to us!


Runarcana is, always has been and always will be totally free

Since 2018 Runarcana is on the air for free for the full enjoyment of the community. Since 2018 its creators bear the costs involved in this creation and maintenance, which involve software license of the Adobe package, the cost of hosting the site and the domain, among other expenses not constant.

A project that is totally free since its conception, will remain so as long as it exists. This is not only a commitment to the community, but also compliance with the rules of use of the Riot Games and Wizards of the Coast content on which Runarcana is based.


You'll never have to pay 1 cent to have access to the books that make up the project Runarcana.

Still, we are often asked by people who would like to contribute financially to the project’s creators. For this reason, we are promoting Arddhu’s Patreon, where people interested in his content creations can support him, check out his words below:

During the past few years, I have worked mainly as a content creator. In 2018 I launched the Runeterra RPG, a completely free system so that you can play in the world of League of Legends.

This release was made free of charge and over time, became licensed by Riot Games and was renamed to Runarcana RPG.

In addition to this creation, I dedicate a good part of my time to content creations linked especially to League of Legends and its history (Lore) and additional content to Runarcana RPG.

Due to the nature of this type of work, I have no way of receiving payments directly for them, only support from people who, perhaps, believe in my work.

Therefore, for people that are aware that they don’t have to pay anything to download and play Runarcana and still want to support me as a creator, you can do it in Patreon, where you receive benefits (and rewards) based on your contribution “Tier”.

Thank you!

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