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No, you are not crazy. Yes, we are talking about the Institute of War.

No, that doesn't mean he's back at the official Lore. Follow us in this article where we will talk more about the new Runarcana System initiative that will start tomorrow on our Discord server!

Originally the War Institute was the focal point of the entire League of Legends lore, a place where the Summoners (as the players were and still are called) resolved Valoran disputes (it was the name of the whole world practically) through fighting in a place called Summoner's Rift.

The fall of the Institute of War came when Riot began to give more attention to the lore of the League of Legends, with this, the Institute that before was the basic and initial premise of the whole game, ceased to exist, a decision taken so that history could move and evolve, not being stuck to a certain moment of that world. It can even be said that the War Institute was plunging the lore as a whole.

Many people who liked the (absence) of lore of that time miss the Institute, especially because of the publication of the time that accompanied the launch of each champion, the Journal of Justice.

Going back to 2020, after the creation of the Runarcana system, we started several initiatives to expand the public and also to meet the constant demands of adventures. To do so, we then chose to start a project for an Expanded Universe of Runeter and as a focal point of this, we recreated the War Institute.

The Institute of War is initially a structure formed within the server of Official Runarcana Discord that allows adventurers to participate in the most diverse One-shots adventures ministered by... YOU, that's right, we will open vacancies for all those who wish to master, even if they don't have much experience. These people will be recognized as Magistrates of the Institute.

This system is an adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons 5e's Adveturer's League, where we offer a shared universe, in which the most distinct adventures can connect in some way in the Journal of Justice of the Season, which is released monthly.

What is the Expanded Universe of Runeterra

The League of Legends story is constantly modified by Riot through the most diverse contents, comics, videos, mini-games, short stories, etc. For this reason, a lot of lore is modified during the season, which could cause strangeness in some players and even complications.

To remedy this, we chose the creation of an Expanded Universe (E.U.), this means that each season this Universe will remain static as for the Riot updates but not for the events that will be a consequence of the game tables.

This way, to stay aware of what is happening in the E.U-Runeterra it will be much easier and more understandable, without major changes and retroactive changes. Only after the end of the season will the changes presented by Riot during the season be applied for the following season.

More information can be found in the Institute of War manual.

What is the Season?

The Season will be a pre-defined time in which there will be a theme chosen by the Architect, that their stories be defined during the months of Adventure.

The Architect is responsible for gathering these stories and connecting them to create the Journal of Justice, a monthly bulletin that will deal with what is happening in the Expanded Universe of Runeterra, bringing progress to the general history of the theme being developed by the Magistrates.

How do I participate?

All you need is to create a character sheet by following the model described in the Discord channel #fazendo-fichas, after your character has been posted, one of the people responsible for the project will give you a Positive Voting, by receiving this Vote you will receive the position Summoner of the Institute and you can post this same sheet in the channel #quadro-de-aventureiros.

If you receive a Negative Vote, don't worry, a person in charge will tell you what's wrong so you can adjust and reposte your character.

For those who wish to master, simply contact a Watcher and send the standard form with your mission that is present in the #quadro-de-missões, from then on he will assign someone to assess you and possibly grant you the position of Magistrate of the Institute

This is just a summary of what is needed to participate, but for the deeper rules of how it will all work in the discord channel #conheça-o-instituto or through this link.

Esperamos que todos possam se divertir e observar o seu personagem participando para a história do Universo Compartilhado.


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