by Aug 4, 2020

We constantly bombard our social networks with the Recruitment of people who want to contribute and participate in the Runarcana project. Usually our ads are very generic because we like to develop their potential together with our employees.

However, many people contact us asking specifics of these "vacancies" and we have failed to leave everything very well explained so that these people can really understand how to collaborate.

We often announce that we are in recruiting designers, programmers, illustrators, but we do not specify the projects because our intention is to develop them with these professionals, this changes at this time.

The first and most important warning is that Runarcana is made by fans and for fans, it remains a non-commercial and non-profit project and, most importantly, it has always been and always will be free of charge.

These collaborators are people who understand the nature of the project and would like to contribute in some way, leaving some of their talent in favor of a project made for the benefit of the community.

Below are some of the projects we have in mind, if you are interested, please contact us for your Recruitment:

1 - Runeterra website

About Runarcana's website is currently divided into two unconnected WordPress installations, one for the Portuguese language and the other for the English language. With this, when creating content we have to create it in two different platforms that end up not sharing data and end up exchanging this process.

What we are looking for: We need people with knowledge in PHP, MySQL and WordPress so that the site can be a unit, becoming lighter (with fewer and fewer plugins), easy to update and to create content in these two languages. Maybe this is done by creating a new custom theme or even using an existing one where the necessary elements can be implemented.

Roll20 and RRPG sheet

About The main platform used to play RPG currently over the internet is Roll20, however for it to be adequate and aligned for a better experience, we need some resources, not only it, but also RRPG, Fantasy Grounds, among other platforms.

What we are looking for: Someone who understands and knows how to create a Roll20 Runarcana spreadsheet with all its peculiarities, besides having the necessary access to do so, so that we can distribute it through this site and improve this functionality. The same for RRPG and other platforms.

3 – Runarcana App

About A mobile app (Android and iOS) for creating characters, scrolling, accessing the site and even a version of the book optimized for cell phones.

What we are looking for: Someone with skills in creating apps for both platforms with knowledge in APIs to enable cloud storage in services like Google Drive.

4 - Custom Map

About Whether through the cloning of the official Runeterra Map of Riot, either through a web application that overlays this map, it would be interesting to get a way to allow game masters to create their "version" of the map, inserting information, images and content related to their history and campaign.

What we are looking for: Someone with good programming knowledge (especially Javascript) who can perform one of these two tasks, the creation of an app/sub-site of Runarcana containing the map and a way to edit/customize it. Knowledge of APIs like Google Drive, Dropbox and others that allow the insertion of content stored in the Cloud would help even more.

5 – Illustrations for Secondary Projects

About Beyond Runarcana, as seen in the article "Past, Present and Future", we aim to produce at least three more books for the project. With this, besides the images we get from Riot itself and even from fanarts, it would be very important and interesting to have custom-made arts.

What we are looking for: Illustrators and artists interested in designing for the project, aware that there would be no commercial exploitation of their work and they could do it normally, with space right here to disclose these links.

6 – Social Media

About Runarcana is currently without Social Media, an extremely important type of professional for the nature of a project that only exists in the virtual realm.

What we are looking for: People who have experience with social media management and are interested in contributing to Runarcana's growth through their presence in these media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and perhaps others.

The projects above are just a few that we have in mind and bring in this Recruitment page, are part of what we intend to conclude so that the experience with Runarcana is more and more complete and fun. Also, we are always open to new ideas and to people who "get their hands dirty" to execute these projects.

We also emphasize that all credit is given to those who develop these projects and none of them is or will be used in a way to make a profit. Obviously, if employees want to offer a premium experience with additional resources, this is something we can talk about and develop together.

We hope that with this page published, the doubts will be cleared up and it will be understood once and for all that Runarcana does not aim in any way to profit on the work of others, it is not devaluing professionals and not even contributing with condemnable attitudes that are promoted there.

We strongly condemn those who act by preying on people hoping to get a job or a financial return for their work, fuelling illusions and passing on very painful trails.

Another important point to note is that women, black people (or people of color, depending on their preference) bi, trans, or other nomenclatures of the LGBTQ+ spectrum are very welcome. You can expect a peaceful and tranquil terrain regarding these nuances of human existence where they are in no way seen as demerits. If we can increase the professional projection of these people, we would be even happier with this

For now that is all. Keep an eye on this Recruitment page as it will be updated as projects find people who take them forward or new projects emerge.

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