Runarcana RPG

Runarcana: Santangelo #001

The Runarcana: Santangelo project will bring creatures to the Runarcana RPG every two weeks. The creatures are decided in an open vote.

Runarcana: Folio #002

In this second week of Folio, the results of the first vote are presented: Akali and Jhin!

Visiting Techmaturgy: Bandlecity

Continuing the series, we will explore Bandlecity technology, the curious way in which the Yordles' magic seems to (not) work.

Runarcana: Folio #001

Runarcana: Folio is a project to publish the character sheets of the champions of League of Legends for the Runarcana RPG.

The Shadows Garden

O Jardim das Sombras é a primeira expansão oficial do Runarcana RPG através da nossa linha RUNARCANA +.
Vários recursos para suas aventuras.

Techmaturge Update

No, there is no class update, neither small, nor large, nor complete ... or is it not? We bring some minor adjustments to Techmaturge.