Runarcana RPG


Frequently asked questions regarding Runarcana RPG

How much does Runarcana RPG costs?

Runarcana is free and fully available for download in the official website through links hosted in Google Drive

Is this game official? What is Riot's participation in it?

No, Runarcana RPG is a project made by fans for fans, without any participation from Riot Games and is not official, however, it is Licensed by Riot Games, which allows us to work with their IP (intellectual property) without taking the risk of being sued. For this reason, Runarcana RPG is free and cannot generate any type of direct income.

Do I need any book to play Runarcana RPG?

Since version 1.2 (when it was still called Runeterra RPG), the only book besides Runarcana RPG itself is the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition book Dungeon Master’s Guide, and that, only for those who want to create adventures. The Monster Manual (formerly essential) became optional with the addition of more than 50 creatures in version 1.2.

Where are the Paladin and the Warlock?

During the creation of Runarcana RPG we came to the conclusion that the class of Paladin (who would call himself Defender) of the 5th edition was very strange having divine powers but not being linked to a deity, making them something like Warrior (Combatants) with magic, something that didn't make sense to be an exclusive class and even so without much logic in Runeterra. With this, what would be the Paladin is as much in some subclasses of Combatant as in Acólito, with greater thematic cohesion.
The Warlock was released in version 1.1 (as Mystic) but was removed in version 1.2 for a similar reason to Paladin. When we look at the general experience with the Warlock in the 5th edition, we realize that most of them were only used as part of multiclass combos and still with Xanathar material. For Runeterra we created a better solution that was to dissolve it in the Runessence of the Mystic of Pacts, something that works better for the same purpose and has better thematic coherence.

Why change the name of the classes?

There were several characteristics of the 5th edition that we didn't like and one of them was the little diversity among the subclasses/ archetypes, that was provided by the "spaces" of characteristics that were filled by them, so we defined that we would enlarge these spaces by removing "class" characteristics and putting as subclass characteristics.
With this decision, our material would still be compatible with the 5th edition, but in a smaller proportion, so we thought it better to change the name of the classes so as not to be confused with the original classes and not to create conflicts of homebrew subclasses with fewer characteristics.

What is the difference between the regular, lite and HD version of the book?

Each of these versions has a different quality in the images, with the standard quality being an average, the lite the weakest and the HD the highest quality. This results in different file sizes, while the lite is around 20 MB, the HD version is over 140MB (seven times larger). With this in mind, we created the different versions so that you can use the book both on a computer and on a cell phone.

I found some bugs and would like to report them so that you can improve the book for the next version.

Thanks for this, you can send these errors to us through our Feedback page that's sure to help us.