Runarcana RPG

Runarcana: Santangelo #007

We have Mountain Goat and Rockbear in this edition of Santangelo, bringing two new creatures for you to use in your adventures.

Runarcana: Folio #013

Runarcana: Folio #013

Three ionians, two swordsmen and one pit fighter. Interesting choices were made this week, with three new champions released.

Runarcana: Santangelo #006

Santangelo #006

First Santangelo with two creatures, bringing Bubble Bear and the Barkbeast. Low CR creatures for your adventures.

Runarcana: Santangelo #005

Santangelo #005

Wildclaw was the creature chosen in the vote for you to be published here in Santangelo # 005, a big (and dangerous) feline.

Runarcana: Santangelo #004

In the fourth Runarcana: Santangelo, we have The Empyrean, a more than colossal dragon from Ionia that brings a considerable level of power.

Runarcana: Santangelo #002

A criatura que venceu a primeira votação do Santangelo foi o Dragalope, aquele lagarto querido pelos main Kled. Uma criatura um tanto quanto… peculiar.