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The RPG Runeterra Roadmap

Greetings summoners!

Welcome to the first article of the "Hexcribe" column, a weekly column where I will write about the Runeterra RPG without fixed themes. In one week I can talk about ideas for some creation, developing with you the thoughts that lead to it, while in the next week I can criticize some narrative decision from Riot or just talk about some subject I consider pertinent.

To debut the column, the subject I chose was exactly the Runeterra RPG system, talk a little about your past, tell about the troubled present with the launch of the Legends of Runeterra adventure in DnD Beyond, and share a little of what we planned for the future. Even before starting the text, I leave the warning that it will be a long article, but I guarantee that those really interested in Runeterra RPG will be rewarded.


Runeterra RPG was born from the will of a veteran with more than 20 years of RPG to play adventures in this world that he learned to love called Runeterra, thanks to a little game called League of Legends with which he had contact in 2013.

A little of this story is already known by those who read the preface of the books, but it is probably not known by those people that this same veteran (this writer who speaks to you) has always had a tradition of creating, translating and disseminating RPG content over the Internet, since the 1990s.

As ideias que fizeram o Runeterra RPG ser firmado como ele é hoje foram fruto de muito pensamento e raciocínio tanto sobre RPG no geral quanto em como seria uma boa adaptação de League of Legends, algo que explorasse esse mundo em construção e que carecia de um material feito com paixão.

Thoughts of doing this little by little have even emerged, perhaps creating a class, a race, a power or any other element and little by little putting everything together in a big patchwork quilt. But that didn't sound good from the beginning, remember what I said about passion? Because then, a passionate person usually flirts with madness and that's what Runeterra RPG became as a project, something crazy, especially because it's something totally free.

If in the past RPG in Brazil much of the knowledge was reserved for those who had money for imported books and refused to share it with others, or if they circumvented this barrier through the xerox generation or even gave values to the first translations, much of this is due to a kind of greed of people with knowledge. 

Many who learn a lot about some subject tend to think this makes them special, different and part of an imaginary elite. No wonder, during the 90's it was common for the lack of access to material to create some aberrations, like masters who held the power in their hands because they had the coveted books.

This is the great reason why the RPG Runeter was conceived as a free project from its beginning. Piracy has existed since the 90's through photocopying (xerox) and in the 00's it escalated with an enormous force thanks to electronic means. If on the one hand book piracy reaches authors and publishers, at the same time it democratizes access to information. So that it was not necessary to appeal to piracy, the model chosen was the free one from the beginning.

A system up to a certain point open, based on a "public" license that allows the creation of variations, added to a first level intellectual property, promoted by one of the most important companies in the game industry... two elements that were ready and waiting to be united by someone who could not profit directly from it, would do so out of passion for both elements.

Thus the RPG Runeterra was born in a shy way, in version 1.0 fully diagrammed in Microsoft Word and created based on content available on the Internet. Basically the first version was a great collection of formatted material and organized in just one place, with very little creation and innovation. 

But this release was just a trap card, prepared to capture incautious people as crazy as the creator of this, who had an interest in going beyond, create something much broader than the first 60 pages, people who had the willingness to dare and patience to deal with such a boring writer.

Luke Nitole appeared, we quickly understood each other and realized that we had, if not the same initial goal, an ability to "contaminate" the other with his ideas and visions. That's how Runeter 1.01 was born, which was a testing space made with this new collaborator, who from that moment on became co-author and co-creator. 

Thus was born Runeter 1.1, a milestone in this project because it brought a creation of content surrealy greater than what existed until then. Classes were created, the Races became "Origins" and were modified, the system was designed as a branch of D&D 5th edition and reached the general public of RPG.

If the launch of 1.1 was a milestone and a happiness, they just weren't bigger than the will to go further, create more and more, especially by the gratifying reception of the community and the affection transmitted by the interested people who became fans. With this version 1.2 came quickly to try to stabilize the system, bring corrections and many new content that were developed so that the experience with Runeterra RPG became even better.

And that brings us to the present.


While I write this article, version 1.21 is in production and I can tell you that it should be released in the next few days. But don't expect too many revolutions, not even complete reformulations. Version 1.21 comes to further consolidate the system, organize content that has been redone and revised and try to bring a sea of calm to those who can no longer stand the spelling mistakes, continuity or other errors of a production made by fans.

In this version we will bring a new Source, the Rework of Ki Practitioners, as well as other content released since version 1.2 through the Vault, Hotfixes or other Reworks. Repeating again, it is a consolidation and stabilization version for those who use the system, provided by the contributions made by fans and people who have dedicated even a little of their time to send found errors (thanks Kenpachi).

The release of version 1.21 also serves as a starting point for the production of the English version which is potentially fuse for production in other languages, interest has already been shown and this has just not happened yet due to the lack of solidity of the system, it is terrible to try to maintain version in more than one language of a system that "changes" every three months.

Still in this version, we bring some modifications in origins and classes that were only possible with the publication of new content by Riot, because these contents are what direct us to where the lore/history develops and what efforts we will have to make to adapt the system already created to the news of the world. 

It is a somewhat complicated job, because with each new tale released, champion revealed or simply a short conversation with some Rioters, much of what we have created can be validated or completely nullified, requiring us to act quickly so that the system maintains its complete integrity with the official and canonical lore, something that we value from the beginning.

An almost certain possibility is that version 1.21 should be the last one made so quickly and in such a small spacing. Still, we do not recommend the printing of those who wish, more solidity is necessary for you to spend your money in the production of a printed book, without there being regret or a feeling of betrayal for a short time after a revision is released. Remember, we are fans, we don't get a penny and we have to earn a living while we do it, so we are failures.

Pertinent to the issue of printing, I say that once we have a really stable system, we will be the first to warn you about it, including with a project that may please those interested in having a physical version of this book in a legalized way and that maintains our principle of a non-commercial project in non-profit. 

As for the present, many of you may know that DnD Beyond launched an adventure in partnership with Riot and Legends of Runeterra, with some new subclasses for the 5th edition besides monsters, items and other content. 

At first we (I) panicked that Runeterra RPG might have to disappear, after all, we are not a company and we would be crushed if our "product" would conflict with two huge companies.  But there is no panic on the horizon, although the content released is "Official" from the point of view of having a relationship with Riot Games, it does not affect the story of Runeterra and does not even intend to be an adaptation as Runeterra RPG is.

About legality, we have been talking to Riot in Brazil precisely in search of clarification about the continuity of the project and all indications are good so far, so although this story is not yet finished, it points us to what seems to be a good future.


And yes, it seems that the future will be good and very profitable, without this great legal impediment, our project can be maintained and continue to exist as long as the owner of Intellectual Property (Riot Games) does not feel bothered or harmed, thus bringing the chance to improve the system even more and always bring content that aligns with the universe of Runeterra.

But the time has come to talk about the future, something that until that moment we had kept reserved only for the members of the project and the closest collaborators. The whole RPG Runeterra is still incomplete, we can say that until version 1.21 still to be released, it will have reached about 1/5 of the original planning.

No, you haven't read it wrong, the more than 320 pages of 1.2 that should increase considerably with 1.21, are about 1/5 of the content we planned and already have in progress. Although this is a difficult time of pandemic, it has proved to be very productive as a way to try to keep the mind away from the problems and madness that the world finds itself.

So, let's go to the RPG Runeterra Roadmap, the planning we have for next year in search of the consolidated edition, although it will never be definitive, since Riot will probably continue developing content during this time and beyond.

For the version 1.21 that is about to come out, we have:


  • Text Revision of 1.2
  • Anima of Runic Scars for the Brute
  • Origin, Troll
  • Languages -Revision and organization
  • Rework and Class Review:
    • Ninja
    • Bodisatva
    • Hunter
  • Ki System for Ki practitioners

Before version 1.22, we will have a surprise, much awaited by all fans of Runeterra RPG and that will count with the interaction and participation of the community. Keep an eye on what's coming.


  • Rework and Class Review:
    • Arcano – Revisão
    • Techmaturge – Rework
    • Combatant - Revision
  • Epic Levels
  • Capstone in Subclasses
  • Magic Review + Types of Damage
  • Conjuration Chapter

We know that the Arcane as well as the Techmaturge and the Combatant need an additional affection, with more consistency between the levels and a better definition of the power peaks of each of these classes.

The Epic Levels are coming: Your dream is to have a campaign and go beyond level 20? Let's try to make it viable.

As for the Capstone of Subclasses, we intend that the level 20 of all the classes do not have a class characteristic, but a subclass characteristic, rewarding those who stay faithful to a class and do not run to multiclass in search of combos that have early peak power but do not become so interesting in the long run.

In the Magic Review + Types of Damage, we will complicate things a bit, giving more options and possibilities and expanding the range of both magic and types of damage caused, with a better definition of them, their sources, resistance, vulnerabilities, among others.

1.23 and 1.24

  • Runessences

In these two versions, we intend to expand the available Runessences addressing aspects not yet fully covered by the system until this moment, through sets of Runes that have a theme and history as we are already used to in the world of League of Legends.

Essas Runessências servirão para consolidar esse sistema, trazendo talvez até uma revisão menor das já existentes até essas versões. Queremos dar mais possibilidades e formas de permitir personalizações cada vez mais únicas para os personagens criados, recriando e celebrando a grande diversidade de Runeterra e do Runeterra RPG.


After the previous versions, our plans are mostly open, because much of what we do is directed by the Riot releases, as in this time can be released champions, more detailed information about regions and other characters that bring us the need for adaptation.


A versão “oficial” e recomendada para a impressão do Runeterra RPG, contendo um sistema completo e que necessitará apenas de um livro,  equivalente ao Player’s Handbook e ao Dungeons Master’s Guide da 5ª edição e finalizando a formalização de que o Runeterra RPG é um sistema baseado na 5ª edição, mas independente o suficiente para ser auto-sustentável.


After that, the future is uncertain and will be defined in much by what the Riot bid for content, but still does not represent the end of the journey. Besides the basic book, we intend to release at least 3 more books, which will be the following:

Santangelo - A book of monsters and creatures containing the most complete bestiary for Runeterra and his adventures, with unique powers for monsters, additional rules, rules of lair actions among other mechanics that we find interesting to insert;

Helium - A manual of spells, runes, sutras and other unique Class features. A true compendium of powers and possibilities to be explored by Runeter adventurers;

Icathia - A book with dubious content, with things that have been removed from history, possibilities that have not been so well explored, and gaps that are not in full conformity with canonical history. A tribute also to the extinct website I created in the past and published fanfics.

And if you think that's all, you're wrong, besides all the content we already publish regularly in the Vault, remember that yes Riot releases content often, this often gives openness to new creations and adaptations and in some cases requires a Rework or a Review, which makes the surprise and uncertainty of the future, always allow news in the Runeter RPG.

With this, I believe we are being as transparent as possible about our plans and goals for the future of the RPG Runeterra, demonstrating where we will invest our time, where we may need help and creations of people attuned to these goals and volunteers willing to put their hands to work under the "Dictatorial Command of an Old Man".

I hope that with this article you also understand a little of our limitations and conditions that often make content have to be rewritten, redone or simply removed, remember our commitment to the history of the League of Legends.

See you next week, and thanks for reading so far!

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