Runarcana Videos

Compilation of videos and playlists of Runarcana RPG being played at online tables. The League of Legends Tabletop RPG licensed by Riot Games.


Ruined Runarcane = Runarcana + Arcane + Ruined King. A FAQ with questions about these two works and how they affect the Runarcana RPG.

Runarcana 0.92b

An update to fix some issues before 0.93. Fixes, some additions and things that improve Runarcana RPG.

Runarcana: Folio #010

Runarcana: Folio #010

Darius, Nidalee and Tryndamere are the stars of this Runarcana: Folio. Check out these champions' statistics and character sheets.

Runarcana: Folio #009

Runarcana: Folio #009

Runarcana: Folio # 009 in the area, this time with Illaoi, Maokai and Twisted Fate. Check out the character sheets of these champions in Runarcana RPG.

Environment of the Gunpowder

Criamos algumas regras de Ambientes de Aventura dentro do Runarcana RPG. Aqui está uma prévia do que pretendemos lançar para o livro oficial.