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Arcane (Re)Forge

Hello, Summoners!

Before anything, a happy new year for everyone! It is with great joy that we bring you another update for Runarcana RPG, this time for the Magic Items. We have long received doubts and criticisms regarding them, such as, what are the rules of Attunement? How many magic items can I use at the same time? Or even about the confused or incomplete mechanics of certain items.

As many of you may already know, in the 2021 Pre-Season of League of Legends, the store and its items received an update. Because of this update, we had a “little push” to update the magic items present in Runarcana.

As you read this update, you’ll notice that, like LoL, we’ve updated the mechanics of some items and added others. However, unlike LoL, we did not remove almost any item. The only exceptions to this were items that did not require their mechanics, making them repetitive or weak. With that, we apply the concept already existing in the D&D of “Magic Items +1, +2, or +3”.

You may also notice that some items are not present in this file, such as Doran’s Ring, the Bandleglass Mirror, or the Tear of the Goddess, because, with the update of the magic system, creating them now would be a waste, after all, they would have to be redone again!

You should be used to this by now, but these items are in the testing phase, not being properly balanced, and may be with improper rarities. If you find an error, an overpowered mechanic, or some mechanics that can be misinterpreted, report it to us and help us to further improve our system.

We hope you enjoy this update!


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