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Runarcana 0.94a

Augment 0.94a

We have update, but this time is different!

In other updates (especially those with numbers followed by letters as was the case with 0.93a, 0.93b, etc.) corrections, modifications and even additions were made.

But as mentioned in the 0.94 update, the system is currently on its way to its endpoints, with the need for updates and corrections becoming less and less, with these being normally small and occasional and being made directly on the wiki.

For this reason, this update, 0.94a only brings content that was designed already for 0.94, with Inventor's Craft recipes, Runes for higher levels in addition to Runesssences that already existed and were updated for 0.94.

After this 0.94a, we will possibly have 0.94b, structured in the same way, bringing content designed for 0.94 but which were chosen to be kept in test for a longer time, some possibilities are:

  1. Gunsmith Formulas (old modifications updated for the new system)
  2. Vesani (yes, Ahri's tribe that was already published for 0.93 in the Magitek Repository)
  3. Origin and Region Heritages (additions for character creation and development)
  4. Other possibilities…

Each of these contents is already designed and being tested, so they may appear at any time, with the necessary corrections, in the same format as this 0.94a, for community evaluation and subsequent official inclusion.

Patch Notes 0.94a

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