Runarcana RPG

Criação para Runarcana

Sobre criação de novos conteúdos para o Runarcana, com informações e dicas importantes para novatos e até mesmo veteranos.

Runarcana Videos

Compilation of videos and playlists of Runarcana RPG being played at online tables. The League of Legends Tabletop RPG licensed by Riot Games.

3 Years of Runarcana RPG

Runarcana RPG celebrates 3 years of existence. A little look back at that time and a plan for the future.


Ruined Runarcane = Runarcana + Arcane + Ruined King. A FAQ with questions about these two works and how they affect the Runarcana RPG.

Ascend with us

Once again, here's an article about LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a brief moment to remember and celebrate the diversity that exists in the world.

Visiting Techmaturgy: Shurima

Visiting Techmaturgy: Shurima

Another article in the series exploring and visiting techmaturgy. This time we talk about Shurima and (too much) about the Sun Disc!