Runarcana RPG

Visitando a Tecmaturgia: Demacia

Explorando Tecmaturgia Demacia

Mais um artigo na série, agora, explorando a coisa doida que é a tecnologia em Demacia. Algo tão arriscado e perigoso que…

Visiting Techmaturgy: Bandlecity

Continuing the series, we will explore Bandlecity technology, the curious way in which the Yordles' magic seems to (not) work.

Visiting Techmaturgy: Bilgewater

Constructs don't have to be robots, and inventions don't have to be just Hextech technology. We will explore these concepts in this series!

True Damage

Thoughts about Runarcana's damage types, as well as its resistances. An invitation to understand what changes are expected to happen soon.