Runarcana RPG

Salt, Gunpowder and Sulfur

Hello, Summoners!

The year 2020 was very important for Runarcana. We released three versions of the book, changed its name, became licensed by Riot Games, and conquered a community more and more engaged in contributing to this system to become even better.

We still want to reach the “1.0”, and this path still has many necessary steps for us to take, among them, the balancing of some things that still are too strong and others that are too weak (making them less attractive).  It is a complicated task, but one that has become increasingly pleasant and easy with the community’s contribution.

On the last December 6th, Runarcana RPG celebrated two years of existence since its public launch, but, in the midst of so many hustle and bustles, we ended up forgetting to commemorate that date. Therefore, you can consider this “hotfix” as a delayed celebration.

We know that our hotfixes sometimes take some tables by surprise, and, for that reason, we tried to reduce the number of them so that the impacts are less and less. However, before the year is over, we have another hotfix.

Salt, Powder, and Sulfur is a hotfix focused on reorganizing some Class and Subclass features from Acolyte, Marksman, and Mercurial. Still, they are nowhere near the only things we need to do, they are just the last things we chose to deliver this year.

Yes, this is the last release of this year, especially since the festive seasons begin and the whole team needs a little rest (although this does not happen due to the many other projects that run in parallel). 

With that in mind, we present this experimental patch, with the following information added or modified concerning Classes, Heritages, Enhancements, and equipment.

On behalf of the entire Runarcana team, we thank you all for your care, support, and dedication this year.  We hope to be able to deliver an even better Runarcana RPG in 2021 so that we can finally focus on all the supplements and accessories we have planned.

Thank you very much!


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