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The Techmaturgy

The Techmaturgy

TL;DR: the link to the docs and PDF is at the end of the article. Feedbacks must be made only via the official Discord.

It’s finally “done”!

After months of work, I can present to you “The Techmaturgy”, a kind of supplement/modification of Runarcana before reaching version 1.0.

The main objective of this document is to bring the necessary complement to the Runarcana system, referring to Techmaturgy, which was necessary after the removal of the Techmaturgy class.

Regarding Techmaturgy, the document contains:

  • Detailed rules for Techmaturgy and technology inventions/apparatus/devices;
    • Lore for the use of Techmaturgy
    • Dozens of formulas for techmaturgical items
    • Rules for “hacking” techmaturgical items
  • Update of the Inventor Techmaturge Craft
  • Update of Heritages regarding Techmaturgy and the Energy characteristic

And although the name of the document is “The Techmaturgy” in it you can also find:

  • New rules for Rare Materials such as:
    • True Ice
    • Petricite
      • Runic Steel
    • Reliquary Stone
  • New Elemental Mystery
    • New spells
    • Magic Update
  • Update of firearms with
    • Review of current firearms
    • Addition of new firearms
    • Flamethrower Update

In total, the document has 73 pages of original and authorial material shared with the public for evaluation and adaptation so that it can be integrated into the system. Many errors must have been reviewed, in addition, due to the amount of material presented, many things may still be unbalanced.

The document is being presented in its 1.0 version, to leave your opinions about it and help with feedback, join our Discord, in the “Techmaturgy” forum so that these opinions can be organized and considered for updates to this content before it is integrated into the system.

Now, for those who like to read stories, let’s go to the history of this document:

The Techmaturge class was removed for several reasons already explained, but this created a gap in how to deal with techmaturgical inventions, apparatus and devices, since they were the centerpiece of this class.

When I started the Techmaturgy document, the objective was just to create some additional formulas to bring these items to Runarcana players and masters, however during the development process I noticed that I was making a mistake again.

There were many items with similar functioning, created without much logic and in consistency with a better designed system. Realizing this, I found myself between publishing something that I knew I didn’t like, was poorly done and would need to be updated in a short time, or taking a step back and organizing it so that it became cohesive and functional.

During this process, many things happened, such as the game Song of Nunu, which brought new information about the Freljord, the True Ice, the Yetis, among other elements that could significantly modify some of the existing rules of Runarcana.

One of these rules was the answer to a question that plagued the minds of both this one who writes to you and many of you: What the hell is the “Yeti” element? The answer to this came precisely with a better understanding of Yeti magic, its origin and how it works.

These changes alone caused the rules for True Ice to be revised and expanded, a new element for elemental magic (Arctic) was finally created and inserted, completing the magic structure of Runarcana and new spells had to be created to flesh it out this Mystery of magic.

As you can imagine, this takes time and what was supposed to be a document with just over 10 pages ended up turning into this monster of 73 pages of pure text and tables, something that, if it had received some images and a more elaborate layout, could easily be published as a supplement.

If this is good for you, you knew that not everything was rosy, the amount of work that this required meant that during this time the Magitek Repository was delayed to the point of being temporarily suspended (for which I thank th supporters for your attention and patience), in addition to having delayed the entire published schedule for Runarcana updates.

I finally finished the document and bring it to you, both in a PDF version for download, and in a version to read in Google Docs itself.

I sincerely hope you like what is presented here, it was created with a lot of passion and completely from the heart, although I know that many flaws will still be found and we will work together to make it even better.

For those who don’t speak Portuguese, a translation into English is currently being prepared and as soon as it is ready, it will also be published, although you can already use Google Translator to get a good idea of what lies ahead with this document.

Once again, thank you to everyone who supports this work, it is only thanks to you that I can dedicate a little more time to bring this to you.

The Techmaturgy: PDF Docs

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