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Magic Rework

English translation on the way

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  1. Como um jogador que tem anos de DnD e TRPG posso dizer, está incrível !!! Parabéns pelo trabalho, não vejo a hora de jogar

  2. The Spell Point Variant does not allow casting 9 spells of 9th level, the Dungeon Master’s Guide states: “Spells of 6th level and higher are particularly taxing to cast. You can use spell points to create ONE slot of each level of 6th or higher. You CAN’T create another slot of the same level until you finish a long rest.”
    Therefore, there’s no need to decrease the maximum Mana, also no need to increase the mana cost of higher level spells. The system is balanced already.

  3. What I meant was that you balanced Spell Point Variant in a different way, and there is an existing solution, should you wish to use it. Personally, I think capping the amount of high-level spells is good. But that’s what playtesters are for, right?

    Overall really like your work, can’t wait for an English translation so we can use it in our Runarcana campaign.

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