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Release - Runarcana 0.9

I suggest you to watch the following video before reading the text: (video in Portuguese)

Greetings Summoners!

It is with great pleasure and honour that I welcome you to the launch of the Runarcana 0.9!

This is the first edition of the system in its new phase, something we seek to bring even closer to a professional result, with a smaller amount of errors and balancing in all possible aspects. It was a long work, made by several really passionate people and outbreaks in search of bringing you the best version of this book.

It has been six long months of almost daily work on several fronts looking not only for errors, but also for solutions, improvements and optimizations.

What we have now is a Riot Games Licensed product, which makes Runarcana able to guarantee its existence for at least 3 years, time in which we will continue to develop it along with its accessories.



Yes, Runarcana is now a Riot Games licensed product.

If you follow the project since before this release, you probably felt or realized the fear felt by us when the release of the adventure "Dark Tides of Bilgewater" suggested the chance that the project would be canceled Yes, now the fear that surrounded us of being taken off the map at any time no longer exists, we are totally covered by both Riot Games through Licensing and Wizards of the Coast through OGL.

Why 0.9?


We restarted the project with the new name and as there is little left for the definitive version, it is the ALMOST 1.0 version of this new name.

With the previous project name, we were heading to version 1.21 which would only be a revision of version 1.2, but a lot happened in this way. Besides corrections, this version would count with the insertion of more content, which would make it become the 1.3.

But as we restarted the project, with the prevision of still finishing its release with the complete system in version 1.0, we realized that it was better to number this version with this value, something that is almost ready, missing only a few steps.



You no longer need the Player's Handbook - D&D Player Book 5th edition.

Through the contents of version 0.9, the Player's Book is no longer required. All the rules of the game are contained in this book with plans so that in version 1.0 not even the Dungeon Masters Guide is necessary, making Runarcana 1.0 a totally independent tome to play RPG!

What's new?


Lots of things, 2 new Origins, 1 new lineage, new subclasses, Rework (finalized) from various classes, the list of spells, the rules session, combat session, conditions appendix... seriously, lots of things.

Several chapters have been added, containing all the necessary rules to play Runarcana, which created the aforementioned Independence. In addition, all the spells have been added in the book itself, at least 5 class reworks have been added in addition to the Troll origin that was previously in the Vault, a Vastaya lineage/tribe, the Fauhwoon have been remodeled and a new origin that allows the creation of the craziest things possible and imaginable (use with caution).

Can/should I print?


No. Wait till 1.0.

Although we are very proud of what we are releasing, we still do not recommend the printing of it, either because of the mistakes that must still be present (and believe me, Kenpachi caught VERY on reviewing all of this), or even because the book as a whole has not been completed.

And the Future?


We will work to complete the translation into English (which is in progress) and then complete the system in the final version which we hope will be 1.0.

With the release of version 0.9, we have engaged 1.0 for the near future, in which we must rely on all the support for masters within the book itself, in addition to the Rework of Magic (and the Arcane) and most likely more bug fixes, balancing and so on. That's why we suggest that you wait for this version 1.0 to be released.

On behalf of the whole Runarcana team, I hope you enjoy this version, celebrate with us your achievements and realize that the previous journey is over and this is just the beginning.

Will reaching the Targon Peak be considered worthy and deserving?

See you next week!


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    1. Nathan, testamos aqui e está funcionando normalmente, talvez seja algum problema da sua conexão. Tente novamente mais tarde, quem sabe funciona.

    1. O livro em si já está lançado, recebendo diversas atualizações de conteúdo até que atinjamos a versão 1.0, onde estaremos com o sistema consolidado e acreditamos que balanceado. Se você diz de uma versão física não podemos comercializar uma, e se você quiser ter uma versão física você terá que mandar fazê-la por conta própria (o que não recomendamos que seja feito até a versão 1.0)

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