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Narrative Speculation

What are the bases we use to make decisions about how to create things within Runarcana? Understand a little of what is Narrative Speculation.



Some thoughts about Techmaturge's upcoming Rework, about creating and recreating a class and about Runeterra Runesmiths.


Past, Present and Future

A little about the past, the present and the future of Runarcana. A roadmap of what has already happened is happening and we are working to make it happen.


LGBTQ Pride Month

The Runarcana team, to participate in Pride Month, decided that it would be interesting to better explain why it occurs and the terms involved.

Hunter Rework

Hunter Rework

A Hunter Rework, of some of its class abillities and a few caster subclasses

Rework - Praticantes de Ki

Rework - Ki Practitioners

The Ki practitioners class Rework, Bodhisatva and Ninja, also the Ki system and Sutra system Rework.

Poppy Ferreira
Reliquary Vaults

Reliquary Vault #002

Welcome to the second Reliquary Vault! With the incredible help of the Runarcana community we were able to bring you some more experimental content.