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Últimas Publicações

Sixmorevodka - Catastrophe

Creation Enhancements

No lançamento do 1.2 recebemos vários feedbacks interessantes que demonstravam que os aprimoramentos de variante estavam mais fortes que os outros aprimoramentos e por esse

Dança Das Lâminas

Rework - Doctrine of the Bladedance

We are working on a rework for the Bodhisattva class. As many people have asked about the Bladedance, and how the use of Navori Blade works, we decided to share some ideas that we are working on for the Doctrine.

Reliquary Vaults

Reliquary Vault #001

Hello summoners, today we are launching Reliquary Vault, a publication created with the help of the Runarcana community for experimental content and for sharing ideas.


Runeterra 1.2

We are pleased to announce Runeterra RPG v 1.2 (only in Portuguese yet)


Champions Size

Size Comparison between League of Legends Champions


1 Year of Runeterra RPG

On December 6, 2019, Runeterra RPG celebrates a year of existence, come and see some of its history and what the future holds.


Character Sheet

Character Worksheets for Runeterra RPG 1.1